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The Capital Luxury Hotel

Welcome to our exquisite 5-star hotel! Experience luxury, impeccable service, and a warm welcome. From our elegant lobby to our indulgent amenities, we’re dedicated to making your stay extraordinary.

Relax and immerse yourself in our world of sophistication. Welcome to an unforgettable experience.

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Experience & Dedicated Team

Welcome to Phaibunsin Hotel, where our dedicated team ensures a memorable experience from the moment you arrive. Enjoy modern luxury, personalized service, and warm smiles throughout your stay. Discover true hospitality that lingers in your heart.


Making Guests Feel Special

Khunakorn warmly welcomes guests and makes sure they have a unique experience. She cares about each guest and creates personalized memories for them.


Keeping Everything Clean

Sarawut plans everything carefully to ensure the hotel is spotless and comfortable. He and his team take pride in maintaining cleanliness.


Creating Delicious Food

Tanaporn is the chef behind our delicious meals. She uses fresh ingredients to make amazing dishes that will make your taste buds happy.